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Detective Conan: The Bride of Halloween Revival Screenings Planned

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The 25th Detective Conan anime film premiered earlier this year in Japan, making a big splash with a number one debut and eventually becoming the second highest-grossing movie in the series. Since it’s called Detective Conan: The Bride of Halloween, however, April might not have been the most thematically-tuned of release months. With that in mind, the staff pushed for revival screenings, which are now set to run for a limited time in Japan from October 28 to November 7. 

Since the staff pushed for this, fans can look forward to a special version of the film, which had director Susumu Mitsunaka and the rest of the team putting extra finishing touches and details into the work. Those who attend the screenings will get a Halloween greeting card illustrated by original Detective Conan manga author Gosho Aoyama.

Here’s an updated visual and a look at the greeting card:

Via Crunchyroll News