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Depraved Fantasy TV Anime Immoral Guild Uncovers First Character Trailer

Immoral Guild

The unlikeliest heroes start trying to save their town (and mostly succeeding) in the upcoming TV anime adaptation of Taichi Kawazoe’s erotic comedy manga Immoral Guild, also known as Futoku No Guild in Japan.

The trailer introduces us to Hitamu Kyan, who will be voiced by Karin Isobe (Mii in Interspecies Reviewers), a supposed martial artist and in-training guard for the town that seems to always get in erotic situations.

The ending song, which was previously announced to be performed by Minami Kuribayashi, was confirmed to be “Sugar, Sugar, Spice” and was previewed in the trailer.

The next character trailer featuring Maidena Angers is set to be released next week, followed by Tokishikko Dana’s the week after, then Hanabata Nohkins and finally Noma Rune.

The Immoral Guild TV anime is directed by Takua Asaoka at TNK and is scheduled to premiere in October 2022.

Source: Press Release