DECAPOLICE RPG Trailer Introduces Cast and Gameplay

DECAPOLICE RPG Trailer Introduces Cast and Gameplay


Level-5 has released a new trailer showing the main cast of DECAPOLICE. The crime and suspense RPG is set to release this year for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.


DECAPOLICE takes place in Decasim, a virtual world created from reality. Decasim can reproduce any event occurring in real life and the clues found therein can be used to solve cases in the real world. Evidence collected can be used on the Case Board to find a solution to a case. When a criminal is cornered, it’s possible to get them to surrender, but sometimes they will turn into Crime Beasts which will attack others.


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The game follows Harvard Marks, the protagonist of the Special Investigations Unit’s rookie team. He has other teammates that help him out as well, including negotiation specialist Carl Oxford, self-proclaimed hacker Zhang Tsinghua, profiling major Manimani Manoa, martial arts expert Mikey Princeton, chief Granger Boston and instructor Misae Cambridge.



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