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Crunchyroll Offering Free Duolingo Japanese Lessons to Subscribers

Many anime fans are interested in learning to speak Japanese, whether it’s just a few phrases or they want to be full-on fluent. In fact, right now the most requested languages to learn in America are Spanish, French and Japanese, in that order. Crunchyroll and the language app Duolingo are partnering to offer more Japanese lessons.

Crunchyroll explained that they are “offering a 1-month free trial of Super Duolingo for registered Crunchyroll users.” You have to sign up by July 16 and you can join by entering “CRUNCHYDUO” on this link (make sure you read the terms of service first to be certain you’re okay with it).

“Nearly a third (26%) of Duolingo Japanese learners cite fun, like watching their favorite anime shows, as their top motivation for learning,” Duolingo’s Senior Director of Business Development George Audi told USA Today. “We chose to partner with the leader in anime entertainment to advance our Japanese course because we know watching TV shows and films in the language you’re studying is a great way to learn … and a great way for people to further immerse themselves in the Japanese language.”

Crunchyroll’s Senior Vice President of Emerging Business Terry Li remarked to USA Today, “Anime is a dynamic medium, and we know viewers are curious about learning. We hope anime-curious learners will be intrigued by their Japanese lessons on Duolingo and will explore all that anime has to offer on Crunchyroll.”

Crunchyroll also noted in their announcement, “Japanese language learners can also look forward to seeing anime phrases sprinkled throughout the Duolingo English-to-Japanese course, as well. See if you can spot quotes from your favorite shows as you practice Japanese with Duo!”

Are you interested in learning Japanese? If you are, is this a way you’d be interested in going about it?

Source: USA Today, Crunchyroll


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