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Crunchyroll Now Offered Through Amazon Prime Video Channels

Crunchyroll is going to become available through Amazon’s Prime Video Channels in four countries, with more countries added next year. Right now this offer is becoming available for audiences in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Sweden. While we’re informed of a 2024 extension globally, it’s not been revealed what other countries or territories would be involved then.

This week people with Prime Video Channels will get two Crunchyroll options: Fan and Mega Fan. Neither contains commercials. The difference is that Mega Fan audiences have the ability to download anime and watch it while offline.

Terry Li, who is Crunchyroll’s EVP of emerging business, told Deadline, “Crunchyroll offers an anime adventure for every kind of fan. From sports to romantic comedy, horror and action to slice-of-life, even the anime-curious can get immersed in our library. We look forward to welcoming new fans into the anime community through our launch on Prime Video Channels.”

According to Crunchyroll, they have more than 1,300 anime shows and movies in their roster, which breaks down to 46,000 episodes and about 24,000 hours of possible anime watching. Earlier in 2023, it was noted that Crunchyroll now boasts about 11 million subscribers.

Crunchyroll was previously owned by AT&T, but in 2021 Sony bought the streaming service for $1.2 billion and connected it with Funimation, which it already owned. Some people at the time expressed concerns about a monopoly on anime, as some people have also expressed concerns about the size and scope of Amazon.

Matt Cohen, who is Prime Video Channels’ head of content acquisition and partnerships, noted that this latest move means that anyone (or at least anyone in the first four countries) now has increased anime access through Amazon Prime, saying audiences can “easily stream anime content on Prime Video.”

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Source: Deadline


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