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Crunchyroll Invites You to Hang Out on Its Official Discord Server!

Crunchyroll Discord


If you’re looking for a place to hang out and talk all things anime, manga and more with other fans, Crunchyroll has a treat in store just in time for Halloween. The official Crunchyroll Discord is now live, and there’s a ton of fun on the way this month and beyond to get the party going in style.


First up is the Crunchyroll Discord Halloween Bash, which will include a few different fun activities we can’t wait to share with you. Here’s what you can look forward to during spooky season on Discord:


Hime’s 2023 Costume Face-Off: Let your voice be heard! Fans will be able to choose from a handful of roles to vote for what they’d like to see Crunchyroll-Hime dress up as for Halloween in 2023. The team with the most members as of November 1 will be the winner, and that’s what Hime will dress up as next year.


Spooky Anime Trivia: Fancy yourself an expert of all things anime? How about anime with a Halloween twist? Test your skills over the course of a few different trivia games Crunchyroll will be hosting on its Discord throughout the week!


Haunted Game Nights: If you can handle the frights, join the Crunchyroll Discord community for some game nights featuring Halloween-themed games for all to play throughout the week. Specific games have yet to be announced, so join the Discord and stay tuned for more info.


Sign up for the Crunchyroll Discord today, and keep an eye on this post for future updates!