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COSPLAY: Celebrate My Hero Academia Season 6 With Some Plus Ultra Cosplay!

Hawks in My Hero Academia


It’s no secret that My Hero Academia is one of the anime series I’ve been looking forward to the most this season. It’s also no secret that I’ve loved cosplay ever since I saw Vash the Stampede walking down the street toward Anime Central back in 2002. The creativity that comes out of the cosplay community reminds me of why I love fandom so much. The passion of cosplayers is always a sight to behold, especially if it involves a series you watch (or read) on a weekly basis. 


Now that the sixth season of My Hero Academia has begun I thought I’d share some fantastic cosplay from the series. From everyone’s favorite muscled bunny to that winged guy who just now flew in, Kohei Horikoshi’s universe has inspired many to, ahem, go beyond and dress up as the characters. Be sure to show everyone a plus ultra amount of love — that’s the last pun, I promise!



Yonn Don as Mirko



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Simone Malcolm as Hawks



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Twinfools as Hawks



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Bakugo (Phil Mizuno) Deku (Train Fujiwara) and Todoroki (Grey Cosplay)



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Akakioga as Deku, All Might, Ochaco, and Mina



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Midnight Pursona as Ochaco



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Vampire King Taj as Todoroki



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Born2Burn as Dabi



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