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Conservative Political Commentator Says Hitler Was an Anime Fan

Anime fandom is growing, but conservative political commentator Matt Walsh is not a fan. “[Anime] is really popular amongst teens and young adults. I think it’s all Satanic,” he declared.

And why would he make such a blanket statement, especially about art in a country where nearly everyone practices Buddhism and Shintoism, and therefore they don’t believe in the concept of Satan?

Apparently because he feels like it.

“I have no argument for it,” he admitted. “I have no argument for why it’s Satanic. It just seems that way to me. All anime to me seems weird, bizarre, creepy.”

He went on to say that with rare exceptions, he doesn’t think that adults should be watching cartoons, anime or otherwise.

A person who is clearly not a fan of Walsh shared this video, and responses from people in the anime community (or people who want evidence to back up statements) have been harsh.

Walsh has been sharing this tweet and doubling down on his anti-anime rhetoric, though whether he actually believes the inaccuracies he’s saying or he’s being a troll to upset people is being debated online. He wrote, “I’m catching some heat because I said that anime is satanic. I just want to clarify that yes it will literally lead to demonic possession in upwards of 87 percent of cases, studies show.”

And: “Which discourse was more timely and urgent: translucent mermaids or satanic anime?”

He also brought Hitler into it, writing publicly, “74 percent of all serial killers have an anime habit. Hitler was also into anime, reports suggest.”

His fans responded on Twitter by posting images of Hitler with anime characters and of anime characters dressed up as Nazis. They seemed to get a kick out of associating the man responsible for World War II and genocide with anime, and continued to share connections of how Hitler liked anime and that’s why he teamed up with Japan.

Source: ANN


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