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CLAMP’S xxxHOLIC Collabs with Kyoto City to Offer Locally-Brewed Sake


The founding members of legendary manga circle CLAMP were all born in Kyoto. Starting this summer, they’re kicking off their latest project to benefit their shared hometown—linking xxxHOLIC with locally-produced goods for the KyotoHOLIC Project.


The core of the project is a trio of sake blends, brewed with yeast and rice from Kyoto. The three varieties will come in bottles and boxes decorated with lovely art of Yuko Ichihara:



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The collaboration is also offering goods made by local artisans—including sake cups, fans and bottle charms:



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The goods will go on sale online July 1, and in stores in Kyoto in mid-June. Purchases will count toward a hometown tax credit.


Further collaborative goods are underway for a future second wave, including another sake blend inspired by Yuko. This is expected to go on sale sometime in fall 2023.


Source: Comic Natalie


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