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Character Designer, Animator Yoshitaka Kohno Passes Away

magical girl pretty sammy

Another veteran of the anime industry is no longer with us, as news recently made its way online that character designer and animator Yoshitaka Kohno has passed away. The news came from fellow animator Makoto Tamaru, and while there are no further details, it follows a seizure and wound that Kohno reported a couple months back. 

In addition to working as character designer for Magical Girl Pretty Sammy and Magical Canan, Kohno has many notable credits as animator. Some of the shows and films he worked on include Bleach, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Berserk: The Golden Age Arc III – The Advent, Tenchi Forever! The Movie, Martian Successor Nadesico The Motion Picture – Prince of Darkness and many more.

Kohno may have passed, but his legacy as an animator, friend and family member to those who knew and loved him will continue on. 

Via Anime News Network