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CHAOS;HEAD NOAH Steam Release Canceled Due to Content Concerns

chaos;head noah

If you were looking forward to picking up CHAOS;HEAD NOAH on Steam, those plans have unfortunately changed. According to publisher Spike Chunsoft, the Steam version has been canceled due to “Steam’s guideline-required changes to the game’s content,” so it will no longer be releasing on the platform. 

If you’re wondering what those content changes entail, your guess is as good as ours. As a result, Spike Chunsoft is looking into releasing CHAOS;HEAD NOAH on alternative PC storefronts. We’ll still be able to play the game in at least one form next month, however, because it’s coming to Nintendo Switch on October 7. 

Here’s how the Nintendo Switch page for the game describes it:

Takumi Nishijo is a second-year high school student on the verge of becoming a shut-in.

“I have no interest in 3D.” He lives surrounded by his beautiful girl figures in his room.

He lives in Shibuya, where there has been a series of bizarre serial murders known as “New Generation Madness” (aka NewGen).

The culprit has yet to be caught and has been causing unrest on the internet and television.

One day, a gruesome image that seemed to predict the next NewGen killing was sent by a mysterious figure called “Shogun.”

The next day, on his way home from school, Takumi encounters a horrific crime scene, exactly as predicted.

Before the corpse is a blood-soaked girl – Rimi Sakihata.

Source: Press release