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Chainsaw Man’s Outrageous TV Anime Opening Theme Video Slices Past 10 Million Views in 2 Days

Chainsaw Man


The world is currently gripped by Chainsaw Man fever, though hopefully by the handle, not the chain, and none is that more obvious than the TV anime’s opening theme video, which on YouTube has surpassed 10 million views in only two short days. If adding in the views from the official Twitter video from MAPPA, the view count for the opening has reached further than a whopping 16 million views! That’s almost as crazy as the show itself.



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Not only is the opening, set to Kenshi Yonezu’s “KICK BACK,” just raking in views but the video hit number one on the Japanese trending charts and hasn’t left the spot since it was released. 


You can catch the opening as well as the 12 ending theme videos on the Chainsaw Man TV anime, which is streaming right here on Crunchyroll weekly.


Source: MAPPA on YouTube



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