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Bye Bye, Earth Anime Sets Premiere Date, Announces More Cast

bye bye earth

The anime adaptation of Tow Ubukata’s Bye Bye, Earth novel is officially set to premiere on July 12 in Japan, and a new trailer is here to show off more of the TV anime alongside some cast additions.

First up, the new trailer:

New cast additions include Miyuki Sawashiro as Drambuie, Kenjiro Tsuda as the Justice version of King Rawhide and Setsuji Satoh as the Evil version of King Rawhide.

Yasuto Nishikata (Killing Bites) is directing Bye Bye, Earth, with Sota Yokote assistant-directing, Hiroyuki Yoshino handling scripts, Yuki Hino designing characters and Kevin Penkin composing music for the LIDEN FILMS production.

Crunchyroll already announced plans to simulcast the series, describing the story like so:

In a world of anthropomorphic animals, Belle Lablac was born as the only human being.

Having no fangs, fur, or scales, she was called “Faceless,” and she lived a lonely life with no one else she could identify with.

“I want to be part of the world…”

With such longing in her heart, she decides to set out on a journey to find her roots, carrying the Runding, a great sword as tall as she is. She doesn’t know how many adversities await her along the way…

This masterpiece by the remarkable Tow Ubukata is considered to be his origin, and many have deemed it impossible to animate. But at long last, it will be adapted into anime form by the top creators that represent Japan!

Via Crunchyroll News