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Boys Be… Manga Artist Hiroyuki Tamakoshi Diagnosed with Cancer

boys beOur thoughts are going out to manga artist Hiroyuki Tamakoshi, who recently announced that he has been diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. Next week will mark the start of four months of chemotherapy treatment, and as a result the serialization of his new Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket manga will go on hiatus.

According to Tamakoshi—known for working on titles like Boys Be…, which had him teaming up with Masahiro Itabashi—he is concerned about the possible numbing of his hands that may come about as a side effect of chemotherapy. Since this could potentially affect his ability to draw, he plans to put his current manga on hold until early 2023. Tamakoshi said he wants to draw manga until the day he dies, though, so he absolutely plans to continue working. 

Beyond his current Gundam 0080 manga, Tamakoshi has continued working on the Boys Be… series with Itabashi over the years, most recently with the Boys Be…~adult season~ manga, chapters of which are irregularly published. We wish him a safe and speedy recovery! 

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