Beelzebub Manga Author Launches New Sci-Fi Series

Beelzebub Manga Author Launches New Sci-Fi Series

Following up on a tease last month, Beelzebub manga author Ryuhei Tamura officially has a new series out, and now we know more about what it is. The series is titled COSMOS, and it made its debut in the May issue of Shogakukanā€™s Sunday GX magazine, which just hit stands in Japan.

Hereā€™s a description of the story:

ā€œCOSMOSā€ is a sci-fi drama featuringĀ Kaede Mizumori, a high school student who can also see through peopleā€™s lies andĀ lives a quietĀ life so as not to stand out, but when he meets a mysterious school girl inĀ Rin Homura, he and his life beginĀ to change by becoming an ā€œinsurance investigatorā€ dedicated to tracking down aliens.

In addition to theĀ BeelzebubĀ manga, which ran inĀ Weekly Shonen JumpĀ from 2009 to 2014, Tamura also worked on theĀ Hungry MarieĀ andĀ Hard-Boiled Cop and DolphinĀ manga series, the latter of which ran inĀ JumpĀ from June 2020 to June 2021 and was collected in five volumes.Ā 

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