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BEASTARS Mangaka Paru Itagaki Meets and Illustrates Italian Rock Band Måneskin

Måneskin with BEASTARS mangaka Paru Itagaki


Italian rock band Måneskin have been taking the world by storm since their monumental win with “Zitti e Buoni” at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2021, taking them all the way to Japan for their Loud Kids Tour last month. And while they were there, they met up with a very special guest: BEASTARS creator Paru Itagaki, since Damiano is reportedly a fan of the series (and must’ve been Beggin’ to meet her).


A video documenting their visit was released, alongside a crossover illustration by Itagaki pairing vocalist Damiano with Louis, drummer Ethan with Legoshi, guitarist Thomas with Juno and bassist Victoria with Haru.


Måneskin x BEASTARS illustration



Source: Comic Natalie, Måneskin on Twitter



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