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BEASTARS Author Paru Itagaki Illustrates Chara’s “PRIVATE BEACH” for EGAKU -draw the song- Web Series

A promotional image for Episode 14 of EGAKU -draw the song- featuring manga author Paru Itagaki creating an illustration inspired by the song "PRIVATE BEACH", which is performed by Chara.


Music is a source of inspiration in EGAKU -draw the song-, a Youtube series that challenges manga authors to drawn illustrations inspired by their favorite songs, and the most recent installment of the series features BEASTARS author Paru Itagaki creating a composition to the tune of the song “PRIVATE BEACH”, which is performed by Chara.



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Commenting on her work, Itagaki states that she can’t resist the idea of turning a wounded heart into a private beach, and that she loves this song by Chara-san, although the entire ocean is too big for just one person to draw, so she instead hurried to get her thoughts down in her illustration.


You can check out the previous installments at the official EGAKU -draw the song- Youtube channel here.


Source: Comic Natalie


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