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BanG Dream! Unit Morfonica Echoes A Gorgeous Melody in New MV “Chikai no Wingbeat”



The official YouTube channel for Bushiroad’s mixed-media franchise BanG Dream! has started streaming a music video for “Chikai no Wingbeat” (Wingbeat of the Pledge), a new song by five-member violin rock band Morfonica


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As the fourth unit from the franchise following Poppin’Party, Roselia, and RAISE A SUILEN, the band was formed in March 2020 and has released five CD singles. The music video for “Chikai no Wingbeat” will be included in the bonus Blu-ray of their first full album “QUINTET” to be released on March 15.



“Chikai no Wingbeat” MV:



“QUINTET” CD jacket:



Song list:


 1. “Daylight” (1st single)

 2. “Melancholic Lullaby”

 3. “flame of hope”

 4. “Bloom Bloom” (2nd single)

 5. “Colorful Liberty”

 6. “fly with the night” (4th single)

 7. “Kin-iro heno Prelude”

 8. “The Circle Of Butterflies”

 9. “Harmony Day” (3rd single)

 10. TBA

 11. “Yorube no Sunny, Sunny” (5th single)

 12. “Chikai no Wingbeat”

 13. TBA



Morfonica members: 




Band photo:



1st single “Daylight” MV:



2nd single “Bloom Bloom” live concert footage:



3rd single “Harmony Day” live concert footage:



4th single “fly with the night” anime MV:



5th single “Yorube no Sunny, Sunny” performance from “BanG Dream! Morfonication” 2nd episode: 



Source: “BanG Dream!” franchise official YouTube channel


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