Asobi Asobase Creator Launches Manga Outsider Paradise

Asobi Asobase Creator Launches Manga Outsider ParadiseBoy, it seems to be the week for everyone to launch new manga. Just today we’ve reported on new titles from the authors of both Beezlebub and Aharen-san wa Hakarenai. Now comes another: Outsider Paradise, a new manga from Rin Suzukawa, the creator of Asobi Asobase.

Outsider Paradise, which launches in the 5/16 edition of Manga Action, is a “human drama about high school girls who are weird and a bit funny.” Sounds, uh, kinda like Asobi Asobase (not complaining!).

Here’s looking forward to the fun stories Suzukawa is no doubt cooking up.

Here’s how Comikey describes Asobi Asobase:

Kasumi is a girl that hates playing games and is struggling with her low English grades. However, her fate is about to take a playful turn thanks to her colleagues: the airheaded Kasumi and the “overseas” transfer student Olivia! Will these three girls play a lot of different games together? Absolutely yes! Will Kasumi English grades improve at all? Absolutely n… well, that remains to be seen.

Source: ANN