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Actors Rio Uchida and Rina Ikoma Team Up for UCHIKOMA Manga Show

A promotional image for the UCHIKOMA manga talk show program featuring actors Rio Uchida and Rina Ikoma emoting against backdrops that resemble comic book panels.


Actors Rio Uchida and Rio Ikoma are teaming up for UCHIKOMA, a live-action talk show program that explores their love of manga along with guest hosts who also love Japanese comic books. The program aims to delve into both popular and lesser-known series as well as what manga means to various people in the Japanese entertainment industry.



The first guest on UCHIKOMA is Toshiaki Kasuga of the comedy duo Audrey, who talks about how a certain gag manga inspired his career in comedy and also how he claims to have saved the life of his partner, Masayasu Wakabayashi, with the help of knowledge he gained from reading medical manga.


UCHIKOMA streams on the DMM TV distribution service on Thursdays during the 22:00 time. The series began distribution in Japan on December 08, 2022.


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