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172 2.5-Dimensional Musicals Performed in 2021, Up 262% in Attendance



Japan 2.5-Dimensional Musical Association has announced the number of 2.5-dimensional musicals (musical theatre production based on Japanese manga, anime and video games) performed in Japan in 2021 and the total number of audiences for the year. The survey was conducted in conjunction with the Pia Research Institute.


In March 2022, the Association celebrated its ninth year and currently has 71 members (seven special company members, 58 corporate members, and six individual members).


According to the report, a total of 172 2.5-diemnsional musical were performed in 2021 and the total annual attendance was 2.33 million, both significantly higher than in 2020 (169% up from 102 productions and 262% up from 890,000 audiences). The numbers are approaching the level before the outbreak of COVID-19.


On the other hand, there are more opportunities for people who cannot visit theaters to enjoy 2.5D musicals at home on various streaming platforms. And the Association is also actively working on overseas streaming for a fee.



The Association writes on its official website:


What is the 2.5-Dimensional Musical? The term is used to describe theatrical presentations based on Japanese manga, popular animation and video games The meaning implies such theatrical shows exist somewhere between 2D the realm of manga, animation and video games, and 3D the realm of the theater. The term not only refers to musicals, but also to straight plays, comedies and dramas.




Source: Japan 2.5-Dimensional Musical Association press release